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The divorce process can be highly stressful for many couples, especially those dealing with significant assets. Assets include stocks, bonds, real estate properties, business ventures, professional practices, 401(k) accounts, trusts, jewelry, pensions, valuable artwork, inheritances, and more. In a high net worth divorce case, all of the assets and liabilities need to be discovered, valued, and divided equitably between the spouses. The equitable distribution of marital assets can be a very complex process for couples with significant wealth. 

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Attorney Mary Catherine Landt has earned a highly respected reputation handling divorce cases for high net worth individuals. Her clients include professionals, business owners, and executives. She is adept at the valuation of assets and liabilities and negotiating property settlements. Her goal is to help her clients understand their rights in the divorce and guide them in making informed decisions about their financial future.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

A high net worth divorce case can become even more complex if it involves establishing spousal support, child custody, or child support. In the divorce process, each spouse must disclose their assets and liabilities honestly.

Florida law requires both parties to file a financial affidavit, which summarizes each spouse’s financial assets. However, there are ways that an unscrupulous spouse may try to hide marital assets to present a smaller net worth to the court. Hidden assets may include offshore accounts, delayed pay raises or commission income, transferred assets and investments, a secret safe deposit box, and more. During the discovery process of divorce, Mrs. Landt uses various strategies of asset verification, including:

  • the use of financial experts
  • depositions
  • subpoenas of records
  • investigation of tax returns for inconsistencies, unusual deposits, or withdrawals 

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For divorcing couples with substantial assets, it is crucial for each party to retain the services of an effective high net worth divorce attorney. Attorney Mary Catherine Landt possesses the experience to equitably dissolve marriages with years of accumulated wealth. With over 30 years in family law practice, she is well versed in complex divorce matters and can handle even the most complex property division cases.

To inquire about legal services for a high net worth divorce, call Mary Catherine Landt, Attorney at Law for a consultation today at 352-368-2242. Her office is located in Ocala, Florida. Mrs. Landt represents clients throughout the Fifth Judicial Circuit, including Marion, Citrus, Hernando, Lake, and Sumter Counties. Attorney Landt has the experience you need to yield the results you want.


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